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Heinz Karow Joins Advisory Board, Christian Paechter Joins Management of PVS

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Heinz Karow Joins Advisory Board, Christian Paechter Joins Management of PVS

PVS Europe is strengthening its management and appointed Christian Paechter as its CEO from 1 April 2021. He and existing director Jürgen Blannarsch aim to further bundle the strengths of individual PVS Group companies and thereby press ahead with PVS Europe’s development into the leading European premium e-commerce provider.

“PVS is already much more than a classical fulfillment service provider,” says Christian Paechter. “In addition to fulfillment we can support all e-commerce activities with a portfolio that ranges from customer care, selling in digital marketplaces and digital marketing to e-commerce analyses. We aim to make these services available as simply and flexibly as possible always with a view to providing clear added value for our customers.”
Christian Paechter has over 15 years of experience in e-business, e-commerce, sales and marketing in various managerial capacities. Since the beginning of 2021 he has been in charge of sales and marketing at PVS Europe.

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After 23 years as managing director Heinz Karow is joining the Advisory Board of PVS Europe and will continue to be at the company’s service as a strategic advisor on its way to becoming an international e-commerce player. In addition, he will contribute his longstanding expertise toward the expansion of new logistics locations. In his time as CEO of the PVS Group he was responsible for enlarging its logistics space from 15,000 to over 100,000 square metres.

“I am especially keen, in addition to my Advisory Board role, to continue with my work as President of F4E Fulfillment for Europe,” Heinz Karow says. “F4E is an association of European fulfillment service providers that undertake international projects within the network. That enables us to continue jointly with large-scale projects on which work is already under way.”

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