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Innovative automation

Innovative automation at PVS!

Innovative automation | Spiral conveyor systems | Container conveyor system | Company IPM Fördertechnik

PVS invested in innovative automation

A safe and efficient material flow is the key to rational working in warehouse logistics.
In 2019, PVS installed modern spiral conveyor systems at its Haßfurt site. Together with the company IPM Fördertechnik, a container conveyor system was designed which connects the multi-storey order picking system with the e-commerce sorting system bidirectionally.

"This is two-stage picking as it appears in the e-commerce picture book", says Kurt Korbmann (Managing Director of PVS Fashion-Service GmbH). "The productivity figures are also correct", explains Christina Schenk (Commercial Managing Director of PVS Fashion-Service GmbH).

Spiral conveyor system:
  • 4 levels
  • 10 m Height
  • 1,000 containers per hour
  • bidirectional
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