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Victorinox: Swiss Precision meets High-End-Fulfillment

When Karl Elsener founded his company in 1884, he certainly didn't expect Victorinox to be a world-famous brand 130 years later. Nor could he have imagined that his red Swiss Army knife would one day become an icon.

The fact that the traditional Swiss company has developed into a global player is largely due to the precision craftsmanship with which the articles are manufactured.

Victorinox logo

That is why the name Victorinox still stands for the highest quality work. With its E-Commerce Fulfillment services, PVS Europe ensures that this quality promise is also kept on the last mile to the customer. In addition to logistics, PVS also supports Victorinox in Customer Care and Accounting.

Much more than pocket knives

The Victorinox product portfolio is extensive and includes pocket, household and professional knives as well as watches, luggage and perfume. Since the majority of the products are manufactured in Switzerland, cross-border E-Commerce requires expertise.

Borderless Fulfillment instead of cross-border deliveries

Customs, other currencies and complicated tax laws make Victorinox shipping abroad anything but trivial. "For our business, we need an expert partner who we can rely on 100% and who ensures that delivery, returns management, accounting and fiscal issues run smoothly," emphasizes Monika Holdener, Senior Manager Online Operations at Victorinox. "By outsourcing the customs clearance to PVS, webshop customers from Germany, Austria, the UK and France do not pay customs fees." This is a real added value for them, because they are spared a trip to the customs office, postal customs clearance or expensive additional payments.

High-End Fulfillment for premium products

"Victorinox customers expect a perfect product. It is all the more important that this expectation is not disappointed. PVS Europe makes an important contribution here," affirms Monika Holdener. The PVS employees support Victorinox, for example, with the engraving of the pocket knives.

IT integration plays an important role in the personalization of the knives. It enables the text specified in the web store to be automatically transferred to the machines. "Victorinox employees took over the training on the engraving machines. In this way, we ensured that our unique pieces also succeeded flawlessly at PVS," explains Monika Holdener.


High Customer Satisfaction thanks to stress-free E-Commerce processes.

When orders for limited editions or special editions arrive every second, it becomes clear how resilient the fulfillment processes are. PVS Europe flexibly scales up the required resources for Victorinox and, despite high workloads, pays meticulous attention to quality checks and impeccable packaging to ensure that everything goes well with the special editions.

"Before Christmas or during special marketing campaigns, PVS works extra shifts to ensure that our customers receive their goods reliably," says Monika Holdener.

Perfectly coordinated IT processes for maximum Customer Experience

Well-coordinated IT processes are the prerequisite for perfectly functioning workflows. That's why an IT team at PVS Europe ensures that the data transfer between logistics, customer care and accounting runs smoothly. This means that order quantities, returns and customer care inquiries can be viewed at any time. "In the event of unexpected peaks or increased returns, PVS Europe immediately takes countermeasures and schedules extra personnel or carries out immediate quality checks. Accounts receivable accounting also runs smoothly, including monthly and annual financial statements, sub-ledger accounting, advance sales tax returns and the preparation of P&L," confirms Monika Holdener.

International Customer Care Service complete the package

Customer Service is the voice to the outside world. Only when questions about products or complaints are answered in a timely, friendly and professional manner does this pay off in terms of customer loyalty. Victorinox can rely one hundred percent on PVS Europe for international customer care. The PVS employees help customers by phone, e-mail or chat on the basis of a detailed Victorinox guideline. The use of native speakers creates additional trust among end customers.

"It is very important to us that our company values of trust, respect, responsibility, and humility are preserved when dealing with our customers. Therefore, we are happy to have found a partner in PVS-Europe who conveys these virtues in customer service and fulfillment," emphasizes Monika Holdener.


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