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For enhanced e-commerce performance: our cloud-based IT platform

We ensure that the IT systems operate at maximum performance, reliably and at flexible costs.


We implement your e-commerce project. The foundation for this is our Microsoft-based PVS e-commerce platform. With all the necessary interfaces - plug and play. Thanks to our highly experienced project managers, we adhere to budgets and deadlines.


We are happy to take care of operating your e-commerce software, of course with all the relevant security standards and maximum reliability. So your application is always up to date and available - for you and your customers.


For better logistics performance:
our consulting services

Status Quo Analysis

In the first step, our specialists examine the status of things at your site. The focus is naturally on your existing IT infrastructure in terms of warehousing, but your e-commerce system, existing interfaces and any additional software such as product information management systems are also included in our analysis.

Strategy consulting

Based on the status quo, we determine the optimal solution for you and your goals. This can be, for example, a recommendation for complete in-house execution, an outsourcing model with a fulfillment partner such as PVS or a joint venture solution.

Process consulting

Based on the chosen strategy, we develop the optimal IT processes. We pay particular attention to the IT interfaces in order to ensure perfect integration of the various systems such as, for example, warehousing software, PVS fulfillment software, shop system, marketplace software, PIM and analytics software.

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