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Has your excellent online shop and your ingenious marketing generated a lot of sales? Great, now all you have to do is get your goods to your customers on time, safely and well packed. With our Logistics Services we support you in everything that is important around the shipping of your goods. And that can be quite a lot.

Always delivering the best performance:
our Logistics Services

Daily goods receipt with AQL inspection

In order to ensure a consistently high quality of your goods, we use the AQL standard for all daily product inspections. And if there are no barcode labels, we will create them for you.

MHD and batch management

Thanks to computer-aided MHD and batch management, we ensure that only fresh and flawless goods reach your customers. Should there is a product recall, we can process it quickly and securely via our system.


With our inventory management we ensure that you receive daily updated inventory information for your replenishment planning. This allows you to reduce your delivery and storage costs while ensuring that you are always ready to deliver.

Europe-wide returns management

With PVS, your customers can return their goods within their home countries - a real convenience factor. And for you, our returns management ensures that returned goods are quickly checked, processed, added to stock and can be put back on sale in the shortest possible time.

Freight-optimised packaging

Too much packaging is not only ecologically questionable, it is also economically inefficient. For this reason, we always use exactly the right type of packaging for shipping your goods that offers an ideal balance between safety, ecology and freight costs.


Whether these are stationary or hanging goods, shelf or pallet-stored, sorted or chaotic - in our warehouses your goods are always in good hands and ready for shipping.

Commissioning and packaging operations

From simple packing to set formation - with our scan-based packing we ensure that your goods always arrive complete and safely.

Always here for your success: our experts.

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