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Marketplace Services

Make high profits with online platforms!

All-round service from Amazon to Zalando

Online marketplaces are becoming increasingly significant: from A for Amazon to Z for Zalando. With our Marketplace Service we make it very easy for you to actively increase your sales on all relevant marketplaces. See for yourself.

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our Marketplace Services

Marketplace strategy

Our experts support you in selecting the right marketplaces for your products, help you to optimise your structures for sales on online marketplaces and work with you to develop the right strategy with which you can take off directly on your marketplaces.

Operational marketplace management

With PVS you get all the support you need to run your marketplace shop. Whether you need to update your products, handle orders, process returns, respond to customer e-mails or plan campaigns such as Black Friday or other events with the marketplace operator - we make sure that your business runs smoothly.

PVS as trade agent

There are many reasons for selling as a manufacturer or brand on a marketplace without being directly declared as a shop operator. As Merchant of Records, we can act on your behalf as sellers for your products on practically all marketplaces and take over all services for you.

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