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Product Care

As individual as your customers!

We love your products!

And that's why we are happy to take care of them. Whether processing after a return, upgrading, quality inspection, sorting, individualisation or repair of damaged goods - with our Product Care Service we ensure that your goods always remain in perfect condition.

Your product deserves the best: us

Product refinement, packaging, set formation

Whether individual packaging, scenting, sustainable filling material, sets or other refinements - you can rely on our many years of experience in everything that makes your goods more valuable for your customers before shipping.


We ensure that your goods always make the perfect first impression - even for the second time - for example with our steam, ironing and foil wrapping service for your goods. What if the goods come back? Then our cleaning, washing and repair service will make them fit again for the next customer.

Individual quality control

Flawless goods are the be-all and end-all for a successful e-shop and satisfied customers. For this reason, we check the quality of your goods both on receipt and on return individually and inform you immediately of any deviations.

Labelling, RFID, serial number scanning

Whether it's goods labelling, product labelling or product information - our team provides your products with the right label so that your goods can be processed, stored while in compliance with the law in the best way possible.

Individualisation of the goods

The individualisation of your goods is particularly important in merchandising. With our individualisation service, e.g. flocking, embroidery or engraving, we ensure that the finishing of your goods is always of the highest quality - and create an USP for you as either manufacturer or dealer.

Repair service

With our team of highly experienced specialists, your goods will be quickly made ready for resale, even in the event of minor damage.

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