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Sport Logistics

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complete fulfillment service
for Outdoor & Sports

Whether shoes, tents, camping stoves, tennis rackets, skis, blister plasters, thermos flasks or sports nutrition - the variety of goods presents many challenges, especially for fulfillment. Because when so many different products have to be stored, packed, shipped or repaired, you need a specialist who has the expertise and the right equipment:

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our Outdoor & Sports Services

Europe-wide shipping

With our Europe-wide network, we deliver your goods to any location. And of course we take care of the customs formalities as well.



Multilingual customer service

From simple billing issues to comprehensive fashion advice - our highly skilled service teams will be happy to answer any questions your customers may have about making a purchase in almost all European languages.


Accounting of accounts receivable

We take care of your accounts receivable, directly integrated into your general ledger with SAP or Datev. This way we secure your liquidity and you have more security and freedom.

Fabric preparation for sophisticated products

At our locations we have the right equipment and experienced staff to prepare even the most demanding goods like down jackets.

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