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Subscription Management

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complete fulfillment service
for publishers

Through all distribution channels, from retail, direct mail and subscription delivery to special and secondary business, PVS ensures that your goods arrive on time and in the best possible condition. Not only do we reduce your delivery and logistics workload, we are also there for you from customer service to accounts receivable accounting.

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360° subscription management

Not only do we take care of timely delivery for your subscriptions, we can also take care of the entire customer service for your subscribers on your request. This includes providing individual support to subscribers with our highly trained service personnel.

Sales accounting department

We take care of your accounts receivable, directly integrated into your general ledger with SAP or Datev. This way we secure your liquidity through consistent reminders and debt collection.

Returns processing

With our returns processing, we ensure that returned goods are quickly checked, processed, entered into stock and can be sold again in the shortest possible time.

Publisher delivery

PVS supplies all common distribution channels of the publishing industry: Book trade, limited editions, book transportation services, as well as end customer shipping.

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