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E-commerce rendezvous in France


PVS LOGVAD SarL. | B2C Fulfillment Specialist | Expansion of internationalisation

PVS further expands into Europe by accessing the third biggest E-Commerce market

Another milestone for PVS Europe in terms of internationalisation of its services.

Last year we founded a Joint Venture with the French service provider LOGVAD acting as a B2C fulfilment specialist, which runs multiple warehouses in France and Belgium.

The company was founded by Olivier Coryn in 2004, who has got comprehensive knowhow in E-commerce operations – based on his experience gained during his working time at La Redoute. Olivier is also Managing Director of PVS LOGVAD SarL.

Olivier Coryn describes his company as following: “We are providing solutions focussed on the industry sectors fashion, beauty and food supplements. Our return handling based on attractive carrier prices is excellent in France and Belgium.“

The PVS LOGVAD offer is rounded up by innovative Marketing-Services – e.g. the recall of video and voice messages via QR code as a package insert.

Roderic van Praet, Head of international Business Development at PVS, adds enthusiastically:

“This Joint Venture is an outstanding step in supporting our clients to generate additional revenues by using localized solutions in the aspiring E-commerce regions France and Belgium”.

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