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The five most common mistakes in Customer Service

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Mistakes in Customer Service | E-Commerce | Customer Care

The five most common mistakes in Customer Service


Excellent customer service is critical to the success of any business. The performance of your Customer Service can make the difference between good reviews and repeat customers. That's why mistakes can be determinant to your business, especially when one mistake leads to another.

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These are the five most common mistakes in customer service and how to avoid them:


1. Insufficient Training

This is one of the most common customer service failures to avoid. It's a failure when your service team doesn't ask the right questions or takes too much response time to understand the customer's needs. Tip: Find a Customer Service Partner with a professional and highly  trained team or provide professional periodic training sessions to your staff.

Tip: Train your customer service staff systematically, e.g. through regular training, to keep them up to date in the area of communication.

2. Low Availability

Customers should be able to contact you at any time. They lose trust and your company's reputation is damaged if the required accessibility is not given.

Tip: Organize your service staff with flexible hours across multiple channels so your customers can reach you anytime, anywhere.

3. Missing Tracking

A big disadvantage is not having the right platform to measure your employees' performance and capture your customers' calls so you can evaluate solution suggestions.

Tip: Integrate a software that allows you to give your employees feedback on your approach and your solution approaches. In this way, you offer your service staff the opportunity to develop further and can implement your processes at the same time.

4. Your customer service does not identify with your brand

Your customer service should know and reflect your company's personality and values.

Tip: Make sure your customer service identifies with the company's values and goals. Your customers should feel like they are speaking directly to your brand. Employees should be responsive to customers' needs and offer flexible and customized solutions.

5. Lack of product Knowledge

Answering customers' questions incorrectly or failing to find a solution in a timely manner can lead to dissatisfaction on both sides.  When your customers contact you, they want to receive a suitable answer to their questions.

Tip: Every call that reaches your call center is unique. Make sure your customer service has a comprehensive technical understanding of all your products. 


The best customer service is provided by PVS Relationship Services - your Premium Customer Care Partner. The goal is to provide the highest level of Customer Service, aligned with your goals, to give your customers the best customer experience.

As innovative thinkers in the field of Customer Care, E-Commerce Service and Outsourcing, PVS Relationship Services offers you and your customers a whole new service experience. With many years of experience in dealing with premium brand customers, PVS can flexibly adapt your Customer Care to your ideas and to the needs of your customers.

Whether large companies, traditional manufacturers or freshly founded start-ups, PVS RS is close to the customer for you and strengthens your relationship on all channels. In addition, the service is offered in all European languages. For more information on PVS Relationship Services, please visit: PVS RS or feel free to contact Franco Aleo directly (aleo@pvs-rs.com) for an initial consultation.


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