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How to position products successfully in online marketplaces

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How to position products successfully in online marketplaces

2021, like 2020, is and continues to be a major challenge for manufacturers,  for brands and for retailers. More than ever before, what counts is to react in as timely and continuous a manner as possible to the constantly changing online shopping habits of consumers.

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Continually increasing demand in the e-commerce sector must be met and one’s business model must be expanded successfully. These trends require manufacturers and providers to swiftly set up and develop new digital business models while constantly wondering “What will come next and what must I do to be successful?”

The good news is that an uncomplicated, smart entry into the digital, post-pandemic world of e-commerce is not that difficult. In a few steps companies can choose suitable marketplace platforms and thereby open up new e-commerce markets for themselves.

PVS XT Marketplace has many years’ experience of marketplace retailing and gives you five tips on how to gain entry to existing marketplaces and position products successfully:

1. Choose the right marketplace

One marketplace is not the same as any other. Online retailers must take a closer look at a thing or two in respect of their marketplace strategy. First and foremost they must find out which marketplace platform is the right one for their company. That will mainly depend on the products and the preferences of existing and potential customers.

2. Find a reliable fulfillment partner

In e-commerce, order processing is one of the most important factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. It is a crucial criterion when it comes to whether customers would buy the product again and recommend a company or, quite the opposite, would advise against buying it or even recommend a competitor.  

Customer satisfaction with the delivery time, the right product, the perfect condition of the goods delivered, the nature and size of packaging and a simple returns service is increasingly important. Expectations are high and must be met in every respect.

To meet them companies need a flexible, experienced partner who has storage space and specialises in different industries, a partner with whom they can grow without problems and sustainably across Europe. Speed is essential. To be able to deliver round the clock, products must be constantly in stock in sufficient quantity and ready for despatch.

3. Rely on the right payment methods

Another essential is the right choice of payment method. Payment options also play a central role in purchase decisions. Digital marketplaces offer a range of payment options such as by credit card, by Paypal or by bank transfer. Experience shows that retailers who opt for the wrong mixture of payment methods lose customers.

But how do you find out which payment method is the right one? Here too, the target groups and, of course, the company’s requirements are what count. An analysis of existing payment and conversion optimisation help you to find out which payment methods your customers prefer.

4. Optimise the content

In marketplaces it is not only the products on offer that play a role but also how they are presented. Product names, categories, photos, size tables, descriptions and the right keywords are very important for purchase decisions. And not just for them. Product descriptions also influence the position in which products appear in keyword searches. The keyword here is search engine optimisation, or SEO for short. By using the right keywords products are shown at the head of the list and can be seen at first glance by interested parties. That is why companies should plan and optimise their content strategy carefully.

5. Keep an eye on the performance of marketing campaigns

As soon as the content strategy is clear it makes sense to launch customised marketing campaigns for different target groups and products. The success of these campaigns should be measured and optimised regularly both to acquire new customers to retain existing ones such as by means of promotional activities to advertise current products or seasonal articles. By using suitable analytical methods the success of these activities can be measured and future campaigns can be optimised accurately.

PVS XT Marketplace offers all the options for a smart entry into the e-commerce business. Would you like to know more about how to reach new customer groups and use marketplace platforms successfully? We will be happy to advise you.

Please contact Christian Paechter: (christian.paechter@pvs-europe.com)



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