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Sales Soar for Amazon, Zalando and Co.

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Sales Soar for Amazon, Zalando and Co.

The corona crisis has given online business a powerful boost and Amazon, Zalando and Co.’s sales continue to soar. More and more consumers start their product search in the marketplaces of the familiar Internet giants and spend less and less time using the classical search engines. Manufacturers, traders or start-ups that rely on how well-known the major Internet platforms are and use them as an additional sales channel can further expand their e-commerce activities both nationally and internationally. Benefits such as wide coverage, low risk and manageable investment are self-evident. That said, one is spoilt for choice by the sheer number of marketplaces. Choosing the right ones is easier said than done and selling goods involves significant effort and expense.

“Companies often lack the know-how and manpower required to manage and implement their sales and distribution activities themselves,” says Ute Weickel-Oudot, Sales Manager at PVS Europe. “With our specific service we can assist manufacturers not only in choosing the right marketplace but also in setting up new or integrating existing marketplaces. The manufacturer supplies products and information and we deal with the rest.”

PVS XT Marketplace services’ modular offering ranges from coordination with marketplaces via article listing and content creation to precisely targeted marketing activities. The customer’s shop system is integrated seamlessly into PVS’s IT infrastructure and customers benefit at the same time from the advantages of PVS partnerships in all aspects of e-commerce. “Our customers are thereby able to do business in all relevant marketplaces and to generate valuable additional sales without having to set up shops of their own,” says Christian Paechter, Director of Sales & Marketing, PVS Europe.

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Interested? Feel free to contact Ms Weickel-Oudot at +49 7132 969-203.

Das modular aufgebaute Angebot der PVS XT Marketplace-Services reicht von der Abstimmung mit den Marktplätzen über das Artikel-Listing und die Content-Erstellung bis hin zu zielgenauen Marketingaktivitäten. Hierfür wird das Shop-System der Mandanten nahtlos in die IT-Infrastruktur von PVS integriert, gleichzeitig profitieren Mandanten von den Vorteilen der PVS-Partnerschaften rund um das E-Commerce-Geschäft. „Unsere Mandanten können so auf allen relevanten Marktplätzen aktiv sein und wertvolle Zusatzumsätze generieren, ohne dafür einen eigenen Shop aufbauen zu müssen“, erläutert Christian Paechter, Geschäftsführer Vertrieb & Marketing der PVS Europe.

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