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PVS on Course for Expansion in Waghäusel and Schwarzach

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PVS on Course for Expansion
in Waghäusel and Schwarzach

“Our customers are growing and we are growing with them” is PVS’s motto as it gears up for the future at its Waghäusel and Schwarzach sites. A visible sign of this expansion in Waghäusel is an order picking tower that is up and running after just nine months under construction. Since summer 2020, 320,000 articles from the drugstore and games segment have been picked here on a 3,200 square metre site using the latest conveying and sorting technology to ensure process efficiency. And business continues to boom.

“The building is now almost entirely in full use due to the strong growth of our regular customers,” says Mathias Krauss, site manager, PVS eCommerce-Services GmbH. “A second tower for new customers is already at the planning stage, with groundwork scheduled to start at the beginning of 2022.”

The company’s sights are also set on expansion in Schwarzach, where PVS acquired the former premises of René Lezard and has built a logistics centre impressive in size and storage capacity. On 21,000 square metres around 1.5 million fashion articles and accessories are now managed from Hassfurt, the PVS fashion site 40 kilometres away.

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At the same time the Schwarzach site has a further 26,000 square metres of undeveloped land, or plenty of potential for long-term expansion. “With this site we are well positioned for the years ahead,” Christina Schenk, director, PVS Fashion-Service GmbH, is convinced. “And we can adapt our logistical capacities flexibly to the needs of our customers in the fashion trade,” fellow-director Kurt Korbmann adds.

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