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PVS XT Marketplace-Service

PVS XT Marketplace-Service founded

PVS XT Marketplace-Service | smart entry into e-commerce | „Seller-Modell“

PVS offers new extended services in order to support marketplace businesses

A growing number of brands in different industries are using online marketplaces such as Amazon, Otto, Zalando etc. with the aim of accelerating their revenues. They tend more and more to use the so called “Seller Model“. This model allows brands to implement marketplaces as a sales channel surrounded by the benefit of controlling and monitoring the sale and distribution activities in their own responsibility.

PVS XT offers a complete A-Z-Outsourcing Service, that means the brand provides products and marketing information, PVS XT takes care of the operational processes, listing and management of the products on the relevant platforms, key account management, customer service and complete logistics services across all marketplaces – all from one single source.

Limal (subsidiary of X-Trade GmbH) is a pioneer in marketplace which – based on its long-term experience – supports the continuous improvement of the brands marketplace performance.

Sascha Rosenau, Co-Founder and Managing Director X-Trade GmbH, mentions: "The international focus and the network of PVS warehouses all over Europe helps us to scale our sales activities.“

PVS XT offers a smart entrance to E-Commerce Business for brands who are not running an online shop on their own but being interested in accessing new sales channels and platform to generate additional revenues and target groups.

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