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Smooth Goods Shipment Despite Brexit

From Brexit to your E-Commerce

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Smooth Goods Shipment Despite Brexit

Since the New Year the United Kingdom has no longer been part of the European single market, with the enormous consequences of Brexit for online commerce. Customs duties must now be paid on goods as they are imported and exported, as is the case with merchandise bound for or coming from Switzerland or Norway. As a result, traders and manufacturers face both unaccustomed hurdles and greater effort and expense than previously.

They must schedule more time to see packages through borders and observe many new formalities. PVS does not leave its customers in the lurch here. Together with its new partner Whistl, it offers e-commerce traders comprehensive solutions services ranging from fiscal representation and customs clearance to product liability and safety regardless of whether they are trading from their own e-shop or on established online marketplaces.

“Our solution offers significant cost and time savings for traders and manufacturers who would like to continue to sell their goods smoothly in the UK’s e-commerce market or to expand into it,” says Heinz Karow, a member of PVS Europe’s Advisory Board and President of the F4E network. “Customs duty is paid on the goods as they are imported, and they are then stored by Whistl Fulfilment and packed and despatched as instructed by the customer. Duty is no longer payable on individual items sent to consumers. Customers also have a point of contact for advice and assistance with day-to-day business or with special cases.”  

Reibungsloser Warenversand trotz Brexit

Whistl is the UK’s leading logistics specialist and in addition to e-fulfillment services provides letter and parcel delivery via its own multi-carrier network. Like PVS, Whistl is a member of F4E (Fulfillment for Europe), a network of European fulfillment service providers. Within the F4E network a returns hub has been set up in each target country, so there is a local address for returns. The F4E partner processes returns, notifies the receipt of goods via an interface and remits credits to end customers. As returns are shipped in bundles to the country of origin, this too reduces shipping costs.

“A successful example of our partnership is our joint UK-based customer SportPursuit,” says Roderic van Praet d’Amerloo, International Business Development Manager PVS Europe. “Since January this year orders from the EU market placed with this online sport and outdoor company have been handled by our fashion location in Hassfurt. The services provided include logistics and processing of returns. Whistl Fulfilment continues to serve the UK market. That makes the process as uncomplicated as possible for our customers while consumers continue to receive their parcels without a hitch.”

Do you need assistance with your e-commerce activities in the United Kingdom?

Feel free to contact Claudia Alischer ( claudia.alischer@pvs-europe.com ).

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