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How Feuerwear delivers unique items by upcycling fire hoses

The Feuerwear concept is based on creating new products from used material. By upcycling fire hoses and PVC tarpaulin, Feuerwear is making a major contribution to protecting the environment. The fire hoses have defied fire and heat in numerous operations and performed heroic deeds – Feuerwear gives them a second life as backpacks, bags, wallets and accessories.

Fulfillment for unique fashion items

The Cologne-based brand Feuerwear has dedicated itself entirely to upcycling these tubes and turns them into particularly durable accessories. Test prints and traces of use make each piece unique. A Trusted Shop score of 4.9 on average shows that they hit the mark with their products. In the almost 1,300 reviews over the last 12 months, the very fast delivery is repeatedly praised in addition to the top product quality.

Article photography: When every accessory is unique…

…the special features of each unique item must be visible in the web store. “This point is extremely important to us and professional item photography was also a decisive factor for us when choosing our fulfillment provider. After all, we want our customers to find exactly the piece they like. To achieve this, all details must be visible in the item images,” explains Feuerwear founder Martin Klüsener. For this reason, the PVS team photographs every single webshop item in special photo booths during storage.

Fast delivery thanks to smooth processes

The individual item images are imported directly into the online store. “The perfect link between the web store, warehouse management and ERP system forms the basis for our customized business model. We can rely on the PVS IT experts to flexibly implement our system requirements and work closely with our other external service providers and the Feuerwear team,” says Martin Klüsener. In order to find the unique items in the warehouse quickly, each item is given its own barcode and stored for quick access. This is more complex than standard storage and requires more storage space. The current shipping status can be tracked at any time via a tracking link after the order has been placed. If customers have any questions or if something goes wrong, the PVS Customer Care Team take care of Feuerwear customers.

The special edition – when the beat increases

The Lightline special edition is available once a year and for one day only. It is sewn from the newer, neon yellow fire hoses. As these are not yet available in large quantities for upcycling, only a small number of accessories are produced with them. “We only sell the special edition once a year and all items are sold out immediately. This has shown that we can rely on the PVS team. Even with several thousand orders a day, all fulfillment processes work and same-day shipping is no problem,” emphasizes Klüsener.

“How exactly does a discarded fire hose actually become Feuerwear product? You can find the process here: Feuerwear

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