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As early as 1979, Helmut Beck, also founder of the market-leading IT service provider dsb, founded the company PVS (Presse Versand Service). In the early years, PVS specialised in addressing and packaging print products such as magazines or advertising flyers. The peak for PVS at the time was the early 90s, when direct marketing was the tool of choice in any B2C business.

In 1991, Ulrich Beck, the son of the founder, made the strategic decision to end the traditional press dispatch business and instead establish a new PVS, which has since stood for “Premium Versand Services”. Today, this business segment is implemented very successfully within the Beck Group alongside the dsb Group, which stands for “Business Process Outsourcing” in the eCommerce and publishing industries.

PVS is now one of the market-leading owner-managed e-commerce fulfilment companies. With various subsidiaries in Germany as well as in Italy and the Benelux countries, PVS positions itself with its F4E network as the partner for retail and e-commerce in Europe.

Sustainable e-commerce fulfilment

PVS on the way to climate neutrality

The ordering boom in e-commerce leads to higher carbon emissions and thus fuels climate change. As an e-commerce fulfilment service provider, we are used to taking responsibility. Therefore, it is important for us to take measures for more sustainability and to counteract climate change. We brought ClimatePartner on board to support us on the path to carbon neutrality and to help us make our service portfolio more sustainable.

What does climate neutrality mean in concrete terms?

Every company leaves a carbon footprint. This is calculated together with ClimatePartner according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) Standard. Based on the data, measures can then be defined to reduce the company’s own emissions.

“In order to avoid green-washing, transparency and traceability are very important to us, because we want to realise carbon savings in a verifiable way,” emphasises Ute Weickel-Oudot, Sales Manager E-Commerce at PVS EUROPE and member of the company’s own Sustainability Team.
Despite such reduction measures, it is not possible at this stage for companies to avoid emissions completely. To achieve climate neutrality, the remaining emissions can therefore be offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects – for example, reforestation, wind or hydropower projects.

Where do we currently stand in climate protection and what are our goals?

At the moment, we are in the emissions calculation phase and are currently determining our CCF, the corporate carbon footprint of our company. All emissions that we cause as a company are included in these calculations. This includes, for example, energy and heating, but also business trips and office supplies. “Our declared goal is to offset our remaining carbon emissions in the future in order to achieve climate neutrality,” explains Ute Weickel-Oudot.

What else are we doing to protect the environment?

“We only use packaging materials that can be recycled in the dual system. We try to avoid bubble wrap and use ecologically recyclable filling materials instead. We also draw our customers’ attention to the climate protection offers of our shipping service providers by, among other things, participating in the GLS Climate Protect Programme and actively offering DHL Go Green Services. In addition to solar panels on roofs and flowering meadows instead of lawns, we reduce electricity consumption at our locations, for example, by using motion sensor-controlled LED lighting. Furthermore, we do not keep fresh water for the sprinkler systems, but groundwater and rainwater as extinguishing water. “The list is not yet complete. Sustainability is a process and we look for further optimisation possibilities every day,” says Ute Weickel-Oudot.

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