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Whether food, beverages, or dietary supplements – as an e-commerce service provider, we support you not only with logistics solutions, but also with IT. We boost your sales with impeccable CX and highly individualised cross-sell and up-sell offers. At the same time, our WMS and OMS orchestrate your complete e-commerce processes and map all operations in real-time – ensuring high performance even under heavy loads.

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Our FMCG Solutions

Up-to-Date Product Information
Especially with premium products, flawless goods are essential for a successful e-shop and for satisfied customers. That is why we check the quality of your goods individually, both on receipt and on return, and inform you immediately of any deviations.
Food, Beverages, and Supplements
We ensure food safety with our expertise and right equipment. We ensure that your goods reach the end customer fresh and quickly through quality controls, legally compliant storage, efficient inventory management and proper packaging.
Pharmaceutical Items and Sensitive Goods
Logistics become complicated when hazardous materials are packed in shipping boxes. Whether cosmetics, batteries, or cleaning agents – we know what to do and guarantee that dietary supplements, toothpaste, and cleaning products are stored and dispatched in accordance with regulations. This also applies to the handling of particularly sensitive goods.
Best-Before Date and Batch Management
Especially sensitive goods with a wide product range are in good hands with us. We guarantee that always only fresh and flawless goods reach your customers thanks to computer-aided best-before date and batch management. And should there ever be a product recall, we can handle it quickly and securely through our system.
Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
Thanks to the real-time data transfer of our Warehouse Management System (WMS), your e-shop only displays items that are in stock. We offer you efficient warehouse management, improved inventory tracking, reduced error rates, and optimised customer and supplier communication. Our cloud solution optimises operational processes, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction.
End-to-End Order Management
Our Order Management System (OMS) orchestrates the complete e-commerce process. We use it to map all operations from order entry, real-time inventory management, order tracking and order processing to returns management. Analyses at the touch of a button help you to arrive at well-founded business decisions.

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