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Your appealing online shop and your sophisticated marketing have ensured lots of sales? Great, now all you have to do is get your goods to your customers on time, safely and well packed. With our logistics services, we support you in everything that is important around the shipping of your goods. And that can be quite a lot.

We bring your products to the world

Die PVS Logistik Services decken auch die zuverlässige Warenannahme ab.
Receipt of goods
Die PVS Logistik Services bieten auch eine gut strukturierte Lagerhaltung.
Die PVS Logistik Services decken auch individuelle Verpackungs und Value Added Services ab.
Die PVS Logistik Services decken auch Versanddienstleistungen ab.
Zu den PVS Logistik Services zählt auch ein effizientes Retourenmanagement.
Returns management

Always on point

Our logistics services

Daily goods receipt with
AQL Check
To ensure the consistent high quality of your goods, we use the AQL standard for all daily product inspections. And if barcode labels are missing, we will create them for you.
MHD and batch management
Thanks to computer-aided BBD and batch management, we ensure that only fresh and flawless goods reach your customers. If there is a product recall, we can handle it quickly and securely via our system.
With our inventory management, we ensure that you receive up-to-date inventory information for your replenishment planning on a daily basis. This way you can reduce your delivery and storage costs while ensuring that you are always ready to deliver.
Returns management across Europe
With PVS, your customers can return goods within their home countries – a real convenience factor. And for you, our returns management ensures that returned goods are quickly checked, processed, entered into the stock and can thus be put back on sale in the shortest possible time.
Postage optimised packaging
Too much packaging is not only ecologically questionable, it is also economically inefficient. We therefore always use precisely the packaging with the ideal balance between safety, ecology and postage costs for shipping your goods.
Whether lying or hanging goods, shelf or pallet storage, whether sorted or chaotic – in our warehouses your goods are always in the best of hands and ready for dispatch.
Picking and packing work
From simple packing to set formation, our scan-based packing ensures that your goods always arrive complete and in good condition.

Across borders

Customs clearance included

We ensure that your goods are cleared through customs quickly and correctly, perform transit clearances and, where necessary, provide duty-free storage for the items. As an authorised recipient and consignor, we can post customs declarations around the clock. This way you benefit from extended handling times. For foreign providers without a registered office in Switzerland, we set up and manage fiscal representations. There we take care of the correct processing of Swiss VAT.

Fiscal representation also in foreign markets
Thanks to our international orientation, we can establish fiscal representation for you in many foreign markets. In this manner, you can grow internationally faster and secure important markets for your company in absolute compliance with the law and without VAT registration.
Customs clearance for import, export and bonded warehouse
No matter where your goods come from and where you deliver them to – we make sure that everything is properly cleared through customs. In addition, we can also support you with bonded warehouses.

We care

For you and your products

In addition to classic logistics services, we also responsibly take care of product care. We conscientiously take care of you and your products. Whether it’s reconditioning after a return, finishing, quality inspection, sorting, customisation or repair of damaged goods – with our value added services we ensure that your goods always remain in perfect condition.

Only the best for your products

Our Value Added Services

Product finishing, packaging, set formation
Whether it’s individual packaging, fragrancing, sustainable filling material, sets or other refinements – you can rely on our many years of experience in value added services for everything that makes your goods more valuable to your customers before they are shipped.
We make sure your merchandise always makes the perfect first impression – even the second time around – for example with our steam, iron and foil service for your merchandise. And what if the goods come back? Then we quickly make them fit again for the next customer with our cleaning, washing and repair service.
Individual quality check
Flawless goods are essential for a successful e-shop and for satisfied customers. That is why we check the quality of your goods individually, both on receipt and on return, and inform you immediately of any deviations.
Labelling, RFID,
Serial number scan
Whether it’s product labelling, product identification or product information – our Value Addes Services team provides your products with the right label in order to ensure that your goods can be processed, stored and legally compliant in the best possible manner.
Individualisation of the goods
Especially in merchandising, the individualisation of your goods is important. With our customisation service, e.g. flocking, embroidery or engraving, we ensure that the finishing of your goods is always of top quality – and create a USP for you as a manufacturer or retailer.
Repair service
An experienced team of specialists will quickly make your goods fit for sale again, even with minor damage.

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