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You can now also benefit from our many years of experience and our special fulfilment service, which we have developed over time for this sector, for your home and garden goods.

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Fulfillment Services

Quality testing
Especially with premium products, flawless goods are essential for a successful e-shop and for satisfied customers. That is why we check the quality of your goods individually, both on receipt and on return, and inform you immediately of any deviations.
Set formation and individual packaging
Whether it’s customised, high-quality packaging, sustainable filling materials, sets or other finishing touches – you can rely on our many years of experience as fulfilment experts for everything that makes your goods more valuable to your customers before they are shipped.
Valuable goods warehouse for high-priced goods
Your particularly valuable goods are also safe with us. Because our specially secured and guarded valuables warehouses also meet the highest security requirements.
Customer service by experts
Our Customer Care Team is always kept up to date through regular product training and can always assist your customers with specific product questions in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.
With our customisation service such as flocking or embroidery, we always ensure the finishing of your goods in top quality – and create a unique selling point for you as a manufacturer and retailer.
Repair service
Even high-quality goods can sometimes suffer a defect. With our repair service, we can carry out smaller or even more extensive repairs for you and thus often avoid an unnecessary exchange.
Assignment of serial numbers
With a unique serial number, premium products in particular become even more valuable. In addition, serial numbers facilitate the supply of spare parts and enable unique special editions such as collector’s items. We are happy to take over the allocation and management of serial numbers for your products.

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