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Hamburger Hafen

Continued growth: D2C Logistics is part of the PVS Group

Since October 2022, D2C Logistics GmbH & Co. KG. based in Hamburg has been part of the PVS Group. Managing Director Jan-Felix Topp and his team ar…

PVS Europe website with a new look

PVS Europe website with a new look A few days ago, the new PVS website went online with a new, fresh design. In addition to faster loading times, our …

PVS eSolutions

Complete solutions from E-Commerce Service Provider PVS eSolutions

In order to provide you with even more comprehensive support as an E-Commerce service provider, the PVS Group is constantly expanding its range of ser…

Lager PVS Concepts

Erdt Concepts becomes part of the PVS Group

Two sites combine their power Through the acquisition of Erdt Concepts, PVS Group continues to expand its fulfillment power. “The company, which…

KI im Kundenservice

How AI solutions increase service quality

Whether it’s a large company, a traditional manufacturer or a freshly founded start-up – if you want to be successful in e-commerce, you not only ha…

E-Commerce | Fashion | Value Added Services | Fulfillment | Textilaufbereitung

Still on course for growth despite the crisis: fashion e-commerce

High growth rates for fashion online trade are forecast by cross-border commerce Europe in its latest study. Despite the crisis, experts expect a 50 p…

Is FBA really the only alternative?

The switch from the FBA seller to the SFP programme is a lengthy and error-prone undertaking for retailers without existing logistics structures, suit…

Top ranking thanks to professional SEO

Companies that do not reach the top 10 search results on Google with their key words remain virtually invisible with their services. According to an a…

Increased turnover through clever invoicing & accounting processes

E-commerce experts know: after clicking on “Buy”, a series of complex invoicing and accounting processes starts. If there are problems with payment pr…

Clever returns management – how to increase your netsales

Four steps to fewer returns. We give you important tips on how to reduce returns. Increase customer satisfaction by handling returns professionally.

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