E-commerce rendezvous in France

PVS expands foreign activities to include the third largest market in Europe

PVS Europe has reached another milestone in the course of expanding the internationalisation of its services in other European countries.

Last year, we established a joint venture with the French service provider LOGVAD. LOGVAD is a B2C fulfilment specialist with several locations in Belgium and France.

The company was founded in 2004 by Olivier Coryn, who has extensive experience in e-commerce – including his involvement with La Redoute. Olivier is also the Managing Director of PVS LOGVAD SarL.

Olivier Coryn characterises his company as follows: “We offer solutions mainly for the fashion, beauty and food supplement sectors and are able to offer returns solutions on the basis of attractive carrier conditions in both countries”.

The PVS LOGVAD offer is rounded off by innovative marketing services – such as the retrieval of personalised video or voice messages via QR code as an enclosure. Roderic van Praet (Head of International Business Development at PVS) adds enthusiastically: “This joint venture is an outstanding step to enable our customers to generate additional revenues through local solutions in the emerging e-commerce regions of Benelux and France”.

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