Five good reasons to outsource fulfilment

As one’s e-commerce business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to process all orders in a timely manner while meeting customer expectations. As the order volume grows, so does the turnover – and with it the overall effort.
Proper storage and packaging, smooth shipping, returns management – the fulfilment process behind the order is complex, the costs for handling or expansion are high, time-consuming and associated with risks. Not every online retailer is up to these demands.
The good news is: a professional fulfilment service provider can do all that. It relieves online retailers of logistics tasks enabling them to concentrate on their growth targets – without having to expand warehouse capacities or hire more staff.

Five good reasons why outsourcing fulfilment services is worthwhile:

1. Reduce logistics and storage costs

With a fulfilment partner, online retailers automatically get access to large warehouses. Costly investments in logistics and real estate are no longer necessary, and expenses for packaging and returns are also reduced.

2. Ensure quality control

Many goods require professional storage and quality control before they reach the customers. With an experienced fulfilment partner, the products are in good hands – from the qualified incoming goods inspection, to the inspection and reconditioning of returns, to the repair service.

3. Seamlessly integrate shop systems

Innovative e-commerce solutions enable the seamless integration of online shops into the IT infrastructure of the fulfilment partner. In the process, shop operators not only retain control over their products and customers, but also benefit from security standards and fail-safety. This way you always stay up to date with the latest technology and available for your customers.

4. Increase customer experience sustainably

Fulfilment service providers ensure that customers do not have to wait too long for their goods even at peak times and provide transparent services. This ensures a positive shopping experience and satisfied customers who not only buy repeatedly, but also recommend the products and the online retailer to others.

5. Head free for the core business

With a fulfilment partner at their side, shop operators can concentrate on their core business. They use their own resources for product development, marketing and new customer acquisition to drive their expansion.

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