Increased turnover through clever invoicing & accounting processes

E-commerce experts know: after clicking on “Buy”, a series of complex invoicing and accounting processes starts. If there are problems with payment processes and accounts receivable, dissatisfied customers and liquidity problems are the result. Only with smooth processes do end customers benefit from fast order processing and sellers from quick incoming payments.

Accounts receivable accounting on your own or as part of the fulfilment solution?

Anyone who wants to set up nationally and internationally functioning financial processes has to make a decision: Should the necessary knowledge and IT infrastructure be built up in-house? Or would you rather get an external partner on board? Companies that manage their accounting processes on their own not only have to constantly update their knowledge of national and international tax law, but also take care of the integration of payment methods, payment providers and marketplace providers. In-house solutions must also be able to be scaled up flexibly as needed to cover peaks in demand. Because only those who offer their customers high-performance payment processes benefit from fewer purchase cancellations and high customer loyalty.

For successful e-commerce, all financial processes must function smoothly

“There is more to smooth cash-to-order processes than just payment. If you want to avoid losses on receivables, you use real-time creditworthiness checks in advance or make a comparison with blacklists,” says Claudia Hertfelder, Head of Accounts Receivable at PVS Europe. Depending on the result, customers are offered certain payment methods or blocked. In order to minimise payment defaults, individual dunning and collection processes with an accurate, respectful approach to debtors are important. This is how companies manage the balancing act between getting paid as quickly as possible and maintaining customer loyalty.

Advantages of external finance solutions:

  • Access to qualified & experienced accounting experts
  • Access to up-to-date finance & accounting knowledge
  • High cash flow
  • Large variety of payment methods
  • Agile handling of high order volumes
  • Complete transparency and traceability
  • Flexibilisation of personnel costs
  • PVS Europe Financial Process

Finance Services made by PVS

Complex billing models? Not a problem! Thanks to more than 30 years of expertise in the invoicing environment, our accounting and IT professionals map a wide variety of pricing models and flexibly adapt processes and infrastructure to individual customer requirements. This applies to invoicing, monthly and annual financial statements, dunning and collection processes as well as sub-ledger accounting. The service includes reports as well as the advance VAT return and the P&L preparation.

The service portfolio is rounded off by the connection of payment providers, risk checks and dunning and collection services. The Finance Services of PVS Europe are, of course, ISO-certified and data protection-compliant handling of highly sensitive data is always guaranteed. In addition to Victorinox AG and Active Bio Life Science GmbH, numerous companies from the e-commerce, lifestyle, beauty and fashion industries rely on the finance services of PVS Europe.

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