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Companies that do not reach the top 10 search results on Google with their key words remain virtually invisible with their services. According to an analysis by HubSpot, 75% of users do not open the second page of search results….

Trends, technologies & tactics change

Those who do not have in-house SEO specialists who deal exclusively with search engine optimisation should think about buying in external help. Currently, over 200 factors determine the ranking of a website. “Keeping an eye on this multitude of adjusting screws requires a lot of time and is not a job you can do on the side,” knows Sebastian Menken, CEO and founder of the M2L Agency in Munich: “Experts assume that Google alone makes 500 to 600 adjustments to its search algorithm per year.”

Top SEO Trends 2022

1. Video content:

Videos pay off in terms of user experience, because users prefer short videos to long texts. Exciting videos with the right focus keywords in the metadata and on the sound level improve the ranking.

2. After Bert comes MUM:

Google has already been improving the display of search results since 2019 with its BERT language technology. MUM Multitask Uniform Model is a multimodal algorithm that simultaneously incorporates information about multilingual texts, images, videos and audios in answering complex search queries.

3. Voice Search:

Forecasts predict that in 2022 the share of voice searches will break the 40% mark for the first time. Therefore, it is important to optimise the website content for questions asked by users.

4. Google Core Web Vitals:

Even though Google keeps adjusting its algorithm, three factors still form the foundation of technical SEO: Loading Time, Interactivity and Visual Stability. Google tracks the loading time of the main content in milliseconds, measures the time until the first possible interaction and examines how much the content still changes after the page has loaded. If you want to score points in the ranking, you have to adjust these settings.

5. User Experience:

Google evaluates the Time-on-Page, i.e. how long users stay on a page. The longer visitors stay, the better. Google also tracks the bounce rate. These are the visitors who leave a page without interaction. The click-through rate directly on the results page is also important for a high ranking. If this is low, the user is not interested in the result. Companies should then revise the meta title and meta description.

SEO, SEA, Performance Marketing…

In addition to SEO, a successful digital strategy also includes SEA, performance, social media and affiliate marketing campaigns. Here, too, expertise is the key. “Companies do not achieve measurable success quickly with profit tools and analysis software alone. Those who get help, on the other hand, get right to the top of the learning curve and use their budget in a targeted and profitable manner right from the start,” Menken adds.

About M2L-Agency

The Munich-based online marketing specialists offer their clients complete support across all online marketing touchpoints. Based on a contact analysis, the digital marketing professionals develop customised strategies for success. M2L’s individual SEO services include a content audit, keyword research and keyword strategy, editorial as well as technical support.

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