More turnover with Amazon, Zalando and Co.

The Corona crisis has given online retail a strong boost and continues to provide Amazon, Zalando and Co. with rising sales. An increasing number of consumers start their product search on the marketplaces of the trusted internet giants and are less and less on classic search engines. Manufacturers, retailers or start-ups who rely on the popularity of the large internet platforms and use them as an additional sales channel can further expand their own e-commerce activities – whether nationally or internationally. Advantages such as large ranges, low risk and manageable investments are obvious. However, the great variety makes it difficult to choose the right marketplaces and the sale of goods involves a lot of effort.

“Here, companies often lack the know-how and manpower to independently manage and execute sales and distribution activities,” says Ute Weickel-Oudot, Sales Manager at PVS Europe. “With our specific service, we can support manufacturers not only with the right marketplace selection, but also with the new set-up or even the operation of already existing marketplace integrations”. The manufacturer only supplies products and information, we take care of the rest.

The modular structure of PVS XT Marketplace Services ranges from coordination with the marketplaces to article listing and content creation to targeted marketing activities. For this purpose, the clients’ shop system is seamlessly integrated into the IT infrastructure of PVS, while at the same time clients benefit from the advantages of the PVS partnerships around the e-commerce business. “Our clients can thus be active on all relevant marketplaces and generate valuable additional sales without having to set up their own shop,” explains Christian Paechter, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at PVS Europe.

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