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PVS + Herold Fufillment. Verlage Dienstleister

By integrating Herold Fulfillment into the PVS Group, we are now expanding our service portfolio to include full media services. This expansion enables us to combine our newly acquired publishing expertise with the speed of e-commerce.

Experience our combined power!

We understand that every book publisher is unique. That’s why we offer personalized logistics solutions that adapt to your specific requirements. Whether it’s limited editions, pre-orders or special editions, we make sure your books reach your readers safely and on time.

Benefit from

360° subscription management: We not only take care of the delivery of your subscriptions, but also provide first-class customer service to ensure that your readers are always satisfied and happy to take out long-term subscriptions.

Accounts receivable: Thanks to the direct connection to your general ledger, we not only create transparency, but also increase your liquidity through a consistent dunning process and efficient debt collection. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while we keep an eye on the financial side of your publishing management.

Returns processing: Our dedicated team ensures that your returns are quickly checked, processed and data maintained. As a result, your goods are quickly returned to the market and you maximize your sales.

Publisher delivery: Whether it’s bookshops, bookstores, book trolley services or end customers, our publisher delivery service ensures that your books are delivered safely and on time to the desired destination. We understand the importance of reliable delivery for the success of your publishing house.

Germany-wide coverage: With branches in the metropolitan areas of Bonn, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart, we not only guarantee fast deliveries, but also nationwide coverage. So you can be sure that your books will reach every corner of Germany.

Interfaces with existing IT landscapes: We know how important it is to seamlessly integrate your systems. Continue to use your current systems such as e-shop, CRM, ERP and logistics software. We ensure smooth data exchange between these platforms to give you maximum efficiency and control.

Rely on our comprehensive services to optimize your book publishing processes and further increase your success. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. PVS Books

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