Everyone sees customer service as the end of the chain

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But it starts much earlier. According to Deloitte, 85% consider good service to be crucial. However, customer service is not just the last phone call or the last email. If something goes wrong with an order, the customer adds it all up under “poor service”. One thing is certain: The majority of the value chain where mistakes can happen has nothing to do with actual customer relationship service. Nevertheless, when

  • non-functioning voucher codes,
  • late deliveries,
  • demolished parcels and
  • incorrect order picking “poor service”.

Avoid frustration along the entire purchasing process

To achieve this – from the purchase decision through to delivery to the customer – you need smooth and tailored e-commerce and fulfillment workflows. It is important to note that if you want to find and eliminate weak points, you need to monitor, control and optimize all processes centrally. We have developed the fly.commerce e-commerce ecosystem to make this possible for you.

fly.commerce – eco-system scaling your e-business

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in outsourcing business-critical processes, we know how to increase sales, reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction. With fly.commerce, we now offer you an e-commerce eco-system with which you can design your desired IT architecture, optimize your workflows and create the basis for further growth. Because fly.commerce unites all processes centrally and pushes your international e-business. More Information

Maximum CX = delighted customers

Routine processes reduce the error rate, but mishaps cannot be completely avoided. Especially when something goes wrong, premium customer care services are more important than ever – because now you need “happiness makers”. Curious about how our customer service experts can support you and how we can optimize your processes together?

Discover how our customer service experts can support you and optimize your processes together!

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