How AI solutions increase service quality

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How to create perfect service experiences

Whether it’s a large company, a traditional manufacturer or a freshly founded start-up – if you want to be successful in e-commerce, you not only have to meet the expectations of your end customers, but also offer them an optimal customer experience. This includes proactive service, personalised interaction and seamlessly connected shopping experiences across all touchpoints. For consumers, the product, shopping and service experience have become inextricably intertwined. A perfect cross-channel CX is therefore crucial for e-business success. Only those who offer their customers individualised goods and services can convert one-time buyers into loyal customers and maximise their customer live time value.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation form the basis – both for perfect shopping experiences and for fast response times to service questions in the shopping process and in post-purchase communication.

The advantages of AI-based customer service solutions at a glance

Simple customer queries are answered in record time

Many first-level enquiries via email and chat can be handled fully automatically. Chatbots and virtual support agents provide customers with appropriate answers directly on the website.

AI supports service agents

Second- and third-level support staff receive AI-based solution proposals. This ensures a higher first contact resolution. Service agents can work faster and deliver the right answers immediately with the support of intelligent systems.

Personalized shopping experiences push the CX

Machine learning is a sub-field of AI. By analysing real-time data with the help of learning machines, customers receive tailored content and suggestions. This enables personalised self-service experiences that are faster and more convenient than searching the website for information yourself. Prospective buyers who visit a shop again receive suitable recommendations based on their previous behaviour.

But: Maximum service quality is only possible with the right customising

Because it’s the precise categorisation and topic recognition that make AI a game changer in customer care. PVS Relationship Services has broad expertise in artificial intelligence and can advise you on the right solution for your needs. The Stuttgart-based company, which specialises in customer care services, uses various AI applications for its customers. Clients therefore benefit from best practices and use already proven models of success. The AI tools used are individually tailored for each client, extended if required and adapted to processes. In this manner, they become an important basis for premium customer services.

Proactive communication reduces customer service enquiries

Transparent and proactive customer communication is another important factor for a successful CX. Did you know that the WISMO question (Where is my order?) is the most frequently asked service request? By sending tracking links, you are already answering potential enquiries in advance. Tracking pages also offer you the chance to direct your customers back to the webshop from here. The same applies to transparent and digital returns processes. The simpler the process and the better the notification of returns and refund status, the more satisfied customers will be. A close exchange of information also allows you to manage your customers’ expectations – if you communicate delivery delays at an early stage, you not only relieve your service team, but also strengthen the customer relationship at the same time.

For a customer in the fashion sector, for example, PVS RS set up a pilot project some time ago and has since been providing AI-based support: emails with queries about the whereabouts of consignments do not end up with a service agent, but are processed and answered fully automatically. Based on the information in the mail (sender’s e-mail address, order or track-and-trace number), the software searches for the goods in the tracking systems of DHL, UPS and Hermes. It then sends a predefined response e-mail in the look and feel of the fashion providers with the scheduled delivery date. This is more personal and much more user-friendly than sending tracking links.

Data protection and security are essential

At the latest since the current discussion about the chatbot ChatGPT, which is able to conduct conversations with queries and which even succeeded in deceiving scientists with the help of fully automatically generated texts, the security risks of bots are also being critically questioned alongside the opportunities.

Long before this debate, PVS RS’s motto was “Security First”. For this reason, meticulous care is taken to ensure that all data protection aspects are taken into account in the fully automated processing of mails. Only if the AI can assign 100% of the mail content including the sender does the mechanism take effect. As soon as there is a discrepancy here, the request is checked in first-level support. Among other things, this is also the case when a customer asks several questions in their mail. In this case, their questions will also be answered collectively. This guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction and ensures a positive perception of the brand

Conclusion: With perfect CX and forward-looking communication, you create perfect shopping and service experiences for your customers.

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