Still on course for growth despite the crisis: fashion e-commerce

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How to profit from the fashion growth trend

High growth rates for fashion online trade are forecast by cross-border commerce Europe in its latest study. Despite the crisis, experts expect a 50 percent increase in turnover in European fashion e-commerce by 2025.

The conditions are therefore ideal for fashion brands to expand their international online activities. However, anyone who wants to profit from the fashion growth trend should keep a few factors in mind.

Returns as an Achilles’ heel

It only takes a few clicks to find your new favourite item. Most customers order spontaneously and expect to be able to handle their returns just as easily as their order. A prerequisite for rapid expansion is therefore a professional, quickly scalable returns handling system that also reliably cushions shopping peaks and ensures high customer satisfaction. But speedy returns handling is also essential for retailers. After all, the goods are to be put back on sale as quickly as possible. High-speed return processes are therefore crucial for success. At PVS, we take care of fast and professional returns processing and ensure that your goods are fit for resale in record time.

Wrinkle-free and spotless textile preparation for silk, synthetic fibres, leather…

Textile preparation and finishing require not only a sure instinct but also special equipment. Anyone who focuses on a fashion assortment with different materials needs a partner who offers the complete service portfolio in textile fulfilment and can also recondition demanding and sensitive materials.

PVS has many years of fashion expertise and extensive experience in textile processing. We have our own steam, ironing and foiling service. Specially trained textile specialists are responsible for quality control and take care of professional repairs and reprocessing.

Value added services for a perfect customer experience

Successful fashion brands offer their customers positive and memorable shopping experiences. Whether the jumper is wrapped in red tissue paper, scented with a flowery perfume and enclosed with a voucher for a beauty shop is no coincidence. High-level textile fulfilment is the prerequisite for an unforgettable unboxing experience. Because a perfect customer experience is only possible with a partner who can implement new ideas flexibly and without errors.

We ensure that premium fashion brands make an impeccable impression on the end customer and take care of the individual packaging and special fragrancing of textiles according to your specifications. In addition, we take care of product finishing and do flocking, embroidery and engraving. We also support you with the topics of goods labelling and product marking and ensure that your fashion goes on sale with the right label.

Fashion know-how, customer care services across Europe and IT expertise

At PVS we have many years of fashion experience and act as a premium partner for numerous well-known fashion brands. Depending on their needs, they use our customer care, logistics, finance or IT services. Since we offer our services as a complete package as well as individual modules, we can develop concepts for our customers that grow with them. Thanks to multi-shift operation and temporary pools, we also send out reliably and professionally reconditioned goods to your customers during sales, collection changes, Cyberweek and Christmas.

Our team helps you to retain and develop your customers, because loyal buyers are not a matter of luck, but the result of perfect service. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal meeting which solutions PVS Europe can specifically support you with.

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